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By 2027, we will engage 10 million social innovators & enable 100 Impactpreneurs to touch the lives of 1 in 10 Bangladeshis


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Social Innovation Design Week 2017

A week-long innovation workshop that introduced Human Centered Design in the form of solving a prevalent problem, allowing participants to immerse into the community and learn from an experienced Design Mentor. SIDW provided a dynamic mix of design frameworks and immersion processes that lets innovators experience day to day life through an engaging and empathetic lens.

In partnership with and with the support of Levi Strauss Foundation, the workshop was composed of a multidisciplinary cohort of 20 Fellows who experienced the daily life of Mohammadi Group's RMG factory workers through an engaging and empathetic lens. At the start of the week, our SIDW Fellows came in with their own bunch of ideas and assumptions. Over the course of the workshop, their ideas and assumptions were questioned as they immersed into the community, uncovered insights and applied design-thinking to address challenges. At the end of the week, our Fellows found themselves with ideas and possible solutions that they had not even considered before.

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